IgG Factor 40

The IgG factor 40 makes armacura® Colostrum absolutely unique. This factor describes a 40 x higher amount of immunoglobulins in direct comparison to human breast milk. This makes armacura® Colostrum undoubtedly the highest-dose first milk product on the world market.

Profile of the most important ingredients in first milk

Immunoglobulins (=antibodies)

are antibodies that the immune system produces to protect the body from intruders. They ward off viruses, fungi and bacteria, neutralize toxic substances and play a major role in inhibiting inflammation. In cow’s colostrum, these are found in hundredfold potency compared to normal milk. It has now been proven that the cow produces up to 2 kg of immunoglobulins in the first three days after giving birth.

Amino acids

are vital protein building blocks and indispensable for metabolism and cell regeneration. Colostrum contains 26 different amino acids that our body needs. An optimal supply of amino acids ensures an optimal supply of energy and therefore has a decisive influence on physical and mental performance.

Natural growth factors

have a positive influence on cell metabolism and thus increasingly stimulate cell proliferation. This can promote muscle growth, reduce fatty tissue and accelerate healing processes. Colostrum contains the growth factor IGF-1 in the highest concentration found in nature. The positive influence of growth factors on our body’s ageing processes is now also the focus of scientific research.


regulate the protein, fat and sugar metabolism of our organism. The vitamin B complex in particular, which is contained alongside other vital vitamins, has a positive effect on nerve fibers and helps with stress and fatigue.


is one of the strongest antiviral and antibacterial substances of natural origin and therefore an effective broad-spectrum antibiotic. Lactoferrin removes iron from bacteria and thus prevents them from multiplying. It is more effective than other immunoglobulins against pathogens such as HIV, herpes or Candida albicans. Natural and intact lactoferrin is found in relevant quantities in colostrum.

Proline-rich polypeptides (PRP)

keep our immune system in balance. They balance an overactive immune system and strengthen a weakened one. This makes them particularly important for all autoimmune diseases in which the body destroys its own structures. Allergy sufferers also benefit from this ingredient in colostrum, as the immune system is slowed down by the PRP. PRP also stimulates the production of the body’s own antibodies.


are proteins that have body-regulating functions. The cytokine interleukin is used for communication between the cells and thus controls the duration and strength of the immune defense reaction.


such as sodium, chlorine, potassium, calcium, magnesium and phosphorus are also contained in colostrum, as are the essential trace elements chromium, iron, fluorine, iodine, selenium, etc. All of these substances must be taken in with food to prevent deficiency symptoms.

Glycol proteins

enable the immune and growth factors to pass through the acidic digestive system.


promotes the production of breast milk. Lactobacillus Bifidus Acidophilus also helps with digestion and reduces the amount of harmful bacteria and fungi in the digestive system.



is also known as the “immortality enzyme” because, according to the latest research results, it has a positive influence on the aging process of cells. Colostrum is the only known food that contains the enzyme telomerase.


Lots more ingredients

In addition, there are also endorphins, interleukins, interferons, biotin, L-carnitine, melatonin, insulin, lysozyme, C3, C4 and orosomucoid, a-1-fetoprotein, a-1-antitrypsin, xanthine oxidase, lactoperoxidase, and many others also contained in the colostrum ingredients.