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100% natural antibodies for the whole family

Incredibly high in its concentration and free of any additives. A pure natural product based on the leftover of the first milk a cow provides to her newborn. It’s 100% bovine Colostrum, a strengthening type of milk which is 99% identical to human Colostrum but 4 times richer and higher in its concentration.

The natural structure of Colostrum is refined and filtered effectively in a modern and sophisticated production procedure which results in the liquid armacura concentrate.

armacura is one of its kind with an especially high concentration of Immunoglobulin G (IgG > 200mg per ampoule). It provides 100% natural antibodies for the whole family.


Why Colostrum from armacura is unbeatable

100 % natural

Rich in Antibodies

Contains Powerful Substances

Certified Quality Milk Farms

From Overcast Melking Only

No Preservatives

0% Antibiotics and Hormones

Made in Germany

Made in Germany

*The IgG factor 40 means that
armacura contains 40 times more
lmmunoglobulins G than a comparable
amount of buttermilk

Natural Antibodies in a Unique Concentration

Immunoglobulins provide a powerful protection from viral, bacterial and fungal infections. They help with treatment and prevention alike. Specific antibodies have the potential of avoiding infections of the upper respiratory tract and the flu.


armacura contains LACTOFERRIN

The body uses Lactoferrin to pull iron from bacteria which they need to survive. That means Lactoferrin works antibacterial since bacteria need iron for their metabolism.


  • Rich in Antibodies
  • With the IgG Factor 40
  • Immunoglobulin G >200mg per Ampoule
  • Contains Lactoferrin
  • Low in Lactose

The Original.


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