armacura – State of the Art Manufacturing for the Highest Quality

armacura – State of the Art Manufacturing for highest Quality

There are two different types of manufacturing for the processing of  Colostrum: The pasteurization method and the micro-/sterile filtration method. What is the difference?

During the standard pasteurization method heat is used to free the product from any microbes. This leads to a reduction or denaturation of certain ingredients such as Immunoglobulins.

For amacura, the far more gentle micro- and sterile filtration method is used which is also the production method used in bioengineering and preserves all ingredients from the raw material. No additives such as chemicals are needed. Lab and special cultures are used in order to separate the casein (decaseination). It is a purely physical process. This gentle way keeps the enormous bioactivity of the natural product intact. Colostrum in its natural raw condition contains about 10% of fat and wouldn’t be suitable for human consumption. Fat and casein need to be removed and the whey proteins concentrated. The final product is high in its concentration of active ingredients.

Common Colostrum Products

There are basically two different Colostrum products for consumers: powder or liquid.

1. Colostrum as powder, i.e. capsules:

For the production of powder two drying processes are used. Freeze drying freezes the liquid Colostrum. Any remaining liquid is removed in a vacuum and under extremely low sub-zero temperatures. There is also the spray drying process. But it would denature the active ingredients contained in Colostrum due to the very high temperatures needed.


2. Liquid Colostrum, armacura – 100% natural serum:

The fine micro- and sterile filtrated liquid concentrate contains highly potent ingredients and is filled in sterile ampoules. Without adding any preservatives amacura has a shelf life of 2     years. In comparison, liquid end products – such as armacura – are always the ones with the higher quality. Among all high quality liquid Colostrum products armacura is the one with an especially high content of natural antibodies (IgG > 200 mg per ampoule) and is one of a kind.