What the name lactoferrin reveals

From origin to function

Lactoferrin is a protein from the transferrin family. It was originally called lactotransferrin. The name, with its components—lacteus (Latin) “milky” and ferrum (Latin) “iron” or transferre “transferred”—already provides an indication of important properties.

Lactoferrin is important for iron balance and has a transport function. The densest concentration of lactoferrin is found in mammalian milk.

What lactoferrin is made of and where to find it

Structure and occurrence

The protein consists of around 700 amino acids, which are arranged in a polypeptide chain. It is produced by the body, for example in the mammary or salivary glands, the immune cells and in the mucous membranes. Lactoferrin is not only found in the body fluids of mammals, but especially in colostrum.

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What lactoferrin does in the body

Features and Benefits

Lactoferrin takes on a wide variety of functions of enzymes and nucleases in the body. It is highly bioactive even in small quantities—with many health benefits. The most important areas of application are the immune system, digestion and general regenerative ability.

Further information about the positive properties of lactoferrin can be found under: Lactoferrin benefits.

How is lactoferrin obtained?

Lactoferrin is produced by the epithelial cells of various organs, including leukocytes—white blood cells.

Since lactoferrin occurs in particularly high concentrations in milk, it is often isolated from cow’s milk or whey. For example, one liter of human colostrum contains about 8 g of lactoferrin, while one liter of normal milk only contains about 1–2 g.

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How is lactoferrin processed?

Highly pure extraction from pure colostrum

With our armacura® brand, we have specialized in the processing of cow colostrum. Lactoferrin occurs in a particularly high concentration in this versatile natural substance because it plays an important role in the immune defense of calves. One liter of bovine colostrum therefore contains on average between 2 and 5 grams of lactoferrin.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the production of liquid colostrum products, armacura® has succeeded in offering the world’s first lactoferrin liquid preparation.