Nahaufnahme von Hand, die armacura Ampulle zwischen Zeigefinger und Daumen hält

Was ist Colostrum?

Colostrum (auch Erstmilch oder Biestmilch genannt) ist die erste Substanz, die unmittelbar nach der Schwangerschaft von allen Säugetieren produziert wird. Sie zeichnet sich durch ein sehr breites Spektrum an wirksamen Nährstoffen aus und ist in der Natur absolut einzigartig.

The first milk. Just everything there.

Since newborn calves cannot develop passive immunity via the placenta compared to human infants, cows’ first milk has a significantly higher concentration of immune factors—bovine colostrum therefore contains 4 times as many antibodies as human first milk.

Läufer dehnt sich vor dem Laufen in der Natur

The most ingenious natural substance in the world

The immune factors provide natural protection against all kinds of pathogenic germs and provide over 85% of the nutrients required in the first few days after birth to build up a powerful immune system for the start of a new life.

One of the most important tasks of antibodies is the neutralization of viruses, fungi and bacteria. Growth factors in turn influence inflammatory processes, the restoration of destroyed tissue after injuries and the optimization of organ functions.

Colostrum contains over 400 nutrients

In addition to amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and enzymes, colostrum also contains special glycoproteins and protease inhibitors, which perfectly protect the bioactive components it contains from decomposition in the digestive system. The first milk—simply incomparable. Die erste Milch – einfach unvergleichlich.

Glas mit Müsli, armacura Produkte daneben und davor

armacura® colostrum. wonder of nature

The composition of the first milk of cows and humans is 99% identical. Bovine colostrum is therefore—almost by nature—almost perfectly tailored to our organism. And this highly complex cocktail of valuable nutrients cannot yet be reproduced artificially in any laboratory.

Supplementation with colostrum in humans therefore has a very long tradition.

First of all, the calf

Today, we obtain the armacura® colostrum intended for human consumption from the milk surplus of cows from controlled herds within the very first hours after calving, as the first milk has the highest concentration of immune and growth factors within this period.

First, however, the calf receives everything it needs—without any restrictions.