armacura colostrum monthly pack


armacura colostrum monthly pack

Contents: 30 armacura ampoules á 6 ml highly concentrated first milk

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armacura Colostrum (30 ampoules)

Our unique armacura ampoules contain vital immunoglobulins (antibodies) as well as over 400 other valuable nutrients in the highest possible concentration.

Recommended use: Drink one armacura ampoule (6ml) in the morning or evening. Do not take at the same time as hot drinks.

For your daily plus of energy!


+  100% natural product without additives
+  Rich in natural antibodies
+  With the IgG factor 40
+  Valuable macro- and micronutrients
+  Contains high quality lactoferrin
+  From certified quality dairy farms
+  Exclusively from milk surpluses
+  Completely without preservatives
+  0% antibiotics and hormones
+  Highest quality – Made in Germany

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