Produkt-Aufnahme von Colostrum Serum

Iron transfer and more

The main properties of lactoferrin

Lactoferrin has a positive effect on health in a wide variety of areas—this has now been extensively scientifically investigated. One of the most important properties in this context is the ability to effectively bind iron ions—and this ability is up to 300 times more pronounced than other transferrins.

Lactoferrin is therefore able to extract iron from its environment, increase iron absorption and distribute the element in the body.

Lactoferrin benefits on the immune system

Lactoferrin is part of our innate immune system. It can fight and kill pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi as well as parasites by removing iron. The glycoprotein also has strong antioxidant properties and thus prevents the formation of free radicals. The role of lactoferrin in the inflammatory process is also closely related, as it helps the body to excrete iron and thus regulate the level in the blood.

Lactoferrin also promotes the growth of lymphocytes. It therefore stimulates and regulates our immune system in a natural way.

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The effect of Lactoferrin on the intestine

Lactoferrin has a digestive effect in the intestine by promoting useful microorganisms and inhibiting microorganisms that have a negative effect on the digestive process.

Lactoferrin thus supports the general health of the microbiome—i.e. the sum of all microorganisms living in the intestine. This is not only crucial for the metabolic processes themselves, but also has a major influence on our well-being.

Lactoferrin benefits on the skin

Lactoferrin also has a positive effect on the health and appearance of the skin. Significant improvements have been seen in viral skin diseases by taking lactoferrin. Even with acute acne symptoms (pimples, blackheads and inflamed pimples), a significantly better skin appearance was achieved.

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Lactoferrin from armacura®

armacura® Lactoferrin Serum is, with 200 mg lactoferrin per ampoule and a purity of 97%, the world’s first and only lactoferrin liquid preparation. It is obtained in a gentle processing process from bovine colostrum, which comes from certified companies in Germany and Austria

Areas of application of lactoferrin

In summary, taking lactoferrin can have the following positive health benefits:

Prevention of infectious diseases

Lactoferrin is used preventively or therapeutically for colds or gastrointestinal complaints, as it strengthens the immune system and directly fights bacteria and viruses.

Regulation of iron balance

Lactoferrin very effectively improves iron absorption and transport of the element within the body. Inflammation or even anemia can be positively influenced.

Treatment of allergies

The immune-regulating effect of lactoferrin can also improve allergies. An excessive and inappropriate immune reaction is weakened.

Improving the microbiome

The harmonizing effect of lactoferrin on the intestinal flora is useful at any age, especially after antibiotic treatment or in connection with painkillers that damage the intestinal flora.

Promote oral hygiene

The environment in the mouth can also be supported with lactoferrin for improved oral and dental care in order to treat problems such as periodontitis, tooth decay or halitosis.

Improving the ability to regenerate

After exercise, lactoferrin can be used to shorten the recovery phases. Older people in particular benefit from this because they can produce less lactoferrin even as they get older.