Produktionsort von Colostrum

State-of-the-art technologies for the highest quality.

armacura® Colostrum was developed with our years of experience and passion for naturally prepared first milk.

And with this groundbreaking brand we have achieved an absolute milestone in the production of colostrum preparations.

Optimal bioactivity through cold filtration

The innovative products are produced using the most modern manufacturing processes in the world. And in the highly sterile microfiltration process, the over 400 nutrients in the first milk are almost completely preserved.

In addition, no auxiliary materials are used in the purely physical process. Thanks to the gentle processing, the bioactivity of the finished end product is guaranteed at all times.

Produktion der Colostrum Fläschchen am Fließband
Frau schaut armacura Ampulle in ihrer Hand an

Filled in practical single-dose ampoules, the unique armacura® Colostrum Serum has a shelf life of 2 years without the addition of preservatives. For absolutely outstanding quality in the highest possible concentration.

armacura® Colostrum – your very own personal protective shield for every day. For the benefit of vitality and health.

armacura® Colostrum Serum & Powder

Unique products for the benefit of your health

armacura® Colostrum Serum

The liquid colostrum serum is characterized by minimal processing and therefore contains all relevant and effective ingredients.

Due to the high proportion of immunoglobulins—over 200 mg per ampoule—the armacura® Colostrum Serum is also unique on the market.

The IgG factor 40 indicates that each individual ampoule contains 40 times more immunoglobulin G (IgG) than a comparable amount of breast milk. No other colostrum product has so many balanced and highly concentrated antibodies in their natural form.

Produkt-Aufnahme von Colostrum Serum
Nahaufnahme von Hand, die Colostrum Pulver aus Packung schüttet

armacura® Colostrum Powder

In the usual spray drying processes, the first milk is dried as quickly as possible at very high temperatures, which, however, results in the most extensive denaturation of all relevant active ingredients.

armacura® Colostrum Powder, on the other hand, is processed exclusively using the superior freeze-drying process. In a vacuum and at sub-zero temperatures, the residual moisture is removed—this guarantees, among other things, superior quality of the finished end product.